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in 1901, there was a massive oil boom that erupted in southeast texas and kickstarted the oil & fuel
industry as we know it today. texas now accounts for over 28% of the country's crude oil production &
refining capacity, producing 5.1 million barrels of crude oil per day. the state also sits at #1 for
biodiesel production & solar energy potential. Many companies choose to conduct their operations
in the various port-towns near the louisiana border. TXOIL is no different.

the main refinery is based further inland on a long stretch of field that is accessible just off of HWY 96 heading north.

due to lack of space, one of the secondary logistics & administrative offices/warehouse is located in downtown ████████, just across the street from st. ███████ cathedral basilica.

the church has been kind enough to generously lend their well-lit rectory parking lot to the TXOIL night shift workers.

transcriber's note: a quick legal disclaimer is required before continuing any further.

once again, this is an unprofessional examination at existing evidence. any
claims made are not directed at TXOIL and are not meant to be seen as defaming
or accusatory statements. we understand that the unfortunate incidents that occured
do not reflect on TXOIL or the kelly family.

readers are asked to consider these factors this as they proceed.



there are areas throughout the southeastern coastal plains and river floodplains
of the US that become quite rough and damp, overgrown with giant river cane.
these thickets are known as canebrakes and are vital ecosystems for many
different species of mammals, insects and reptiles. giant river cane was
also cultivated and highly important to many southeastern native american people.

the vast, tall canebrakes of the past are virtually extinct today due to the rapid and
destructive colonization of america. white colonizers viewed these large stands
of cane as an indication of fertile soils and it was considered valuable grazing
for cattle. there have been historical accounts of 900 acre canebrakes with cane
as "thick around as a man's arm". now overgrazed and overharvested by colonizers,
almost nothing remains of these critical ecosystems.

whereas longleaf pine restoration has been mostly successful, cane is trickier to cultivate.
cane requires regular controlled burns to snuff out invading plant species and to
encourage new growth. however if burned too frequently, the cane will become damaged
and quickly die. despite these circumstances, there are several ongoing attempts to
reintroduce these critical ecosystems back into the southeast and once again provide
habitats for shrinking populations of both plant and animal species.



canebrake rattlesnakes (also known as timber rattlesnakes) are large and heavy-bodied pit vipers, some reported growing as long as 6 or 7 feet. while they mainly hunt on the ground, it isn't uncommon for them to climb high into the tree canopy and quietly lay in wait.

patient ambush predators, canebrake rattlers will wait for their prey hidden in dense foliage before striking with their deadly venom. these snakes are not aggressive unless intentionally agitated and/or frightened, bites being quite rare and normally non-fatal. however, if left untreated, their potent venom has the potential to be deadly.

once bitten, symptoms are almost immediate. the hemotoxic compound venom enters the bloodstream and immediately the effected area will begin to swell up. numbness in the face/body will begin to occur as well as a distinct tingling sensation throughout the body. the blood vessels will very quickly begin to break down and the venom will continue to progress its way throughout the body, binding to your tissues and beginning the process of necrosis. it is absolutely crucial to receive medical assistance as soon as possible if you've been bitten.

industrial sites can be targets for disruption or threats and running a refinery comes with many safety concerns. TXOIL contracts security guards to ensure that refinery operations remain protected and well-secured, taking pride in the individuals they hire. security shift supervisors are required to take on many roles in order to ensure the safety of not only the site and its operations, but the employees as well.

there are two warehouse sites that require security as well as the vast industrial complex where the main refinery is located. along with monitoring activity on the complex, shift supervisors must manage paperwork and staff to make sure that operations are well-run and efficent. it's a job best suited for outgoing, sociable individuals with enterprising personality types.

clive jerimiah forrest does not possess any of these qualities. while he cannot be described as affable or engaging, he is extremely detail-oriented and well mannered. for the most part, he gets along well with his co-workers despite his shy and reclusive nature. what clive lacks in charm and personality, he makes up for with his massive size and intense, demanding aura. other security personnel have described him as a "gentle giant" and quite sensitive despite his threatening appearance and large stature.

clive is also one of the longest-employed security guards,
having worked at TXOIL for 17 years with zero write-ups.
he's never taken any vacation or leave, and has only
called out sick twice.

almost every night (except for sunday & monday) clive arrives
to the plant at 5:45 PM and assumes duty, watching the screens
overnight for 12 hours. the nights are quiet and clive feels
a sense of relief in the isolation this job offers.

for the last week and a half, clive has traveled further into town
to fill in for one of the warehouse's night supervisors mark who
has just recently become a father. this is one of the smaller
warehouses, but there's still a considerable amount of traffic
coming in and out of the warehouse during shift changes.

it's an hour and a half long drive from his enervated farm off of county
road 20 just outside of ██████, running parallel to devil's slough, a
much longer drive compared to the 45 minutes to his normal security post
at the main refinery. he'll be glad when mark finally returns back from
paternity leave in a few days and his drives will be much shorter.

the sun has just begun to peek over the horizon by the time he begins
to make his way up the dirt driveway to his childhood home.

the house is empty when he arrives. it's always empty,
like it has been for the last 20 odd years.

every morning he comes home,

feeds the chickens,

washes off,

and goes to bed.

but tonight is different. there's something nagging
gently at the back of his mind - something that he
just can't shake. it feels like he's seen something
secret, something he wasn't supposed to- something
unbound and evil. when he closes his eyes to pray,
he finds he can't focus. his mind begins drifting.